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Packing Services


What is Airs

Airs is an innovative company based in Finland that specializes in renovating and reselling airpods in order to reduce e-waste. By using their unique proprietary techniques, Airs is able to take second-hand and used earbuds, wipes them clean, repackage them with fresh new chargers, replace any parts that need replacing, and give them a shine before reselling them at substantially lower prices than Apple's original models. This allows Airs to not only benefit consumers looking for great audio at lower cost but also demonstrates a commitment to sustainability as it prevents the huge amount of waste that would otherwise be generated by throwing away perfectly good technology. It's an impressive concept that shows just how seriously people are taking the issue of e-waste these days - and it's definitely worth checking out if you're looking for some affordable audio!



Why Airs?

Airpods have quickly become a modern tech must-have; they're convenient and make listening to music or podcasts on the go simpler than ever. Unfortunately, their short lifespan and lack of recycled materials means that even with proper care, our Airpods will most likely end up becoming e-waste someday. Even though Airpods are small in size, their production has serious environmental implications due to the numerous toxic chemicals needed for the manufacturing process. Therefore, reducing the number of Airpods going into landfills is important; Companies like Airs can help with this by being mindful of sustainability when tackling device repairs and making sure that parts aren't wasted during the repairs. Additionally, upgrading your existing Airpods if possible instead of buying new ones whenever available can significantly reduce e-waste generated from these devices in the long term! You can be a part of making a better place by purchasing refurbished airpods or selling your old airpods to us.

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